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§1 General provisions

1. The Regulations are reserved for A&D Logistic, Pursuant to Art. 116. February 4, 1994.
2. On the DISCORD communicator, there is manners, respect, no shouting, not interrupting the other person.
3. People caught cheating will be automatically removed from the company and blacklisted.
5. The management of the company is responsible for all company matters.
6. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt from its observance.
7. It is forbidden to advertise other companies and groups from various social networking sites, discord servers. Without the prior approval of the board.

§2 Recruitment

1. Your application should be submitted on the company's website

2. After rejecting the application, the user may apply for admission to the company again after a week from the moment of rejection of the application.

3. After a successful application, the user must report to our Discord server for an initial interview.

4. The Company may be joined by a person who: has read and accepts these regulations, has a working microphone, the original version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and/or American truck simulator and is over 15 years old.

5. Recruitment to the company takes place every day between 8 am and 11 pm. ■ A person interested in joining the company can choose the game mode on which SP and/or MP wants to play.

§3 Trial Period

1. Newly admitted persons to the company start with a Trial Period which:

    - Lasts 2 Weeks.

    - Drive dsytams 10,000 km.

    - Pass the route with the board.  

2. It is obliged to set the Player Tag on TruckersMP (A&D Logistic OP) servers.

3. A driver who has not completed the trial period may apply for rejoining the company after one month from the date of dismissal.

4. A person during the Trial Period may not participate in inter-company/international convoys.

5. He has no access to company mods and cannot ask for them from other employees or management of the company.

§4 Drivers

1. After completing the Trial Period, each Employee starts with the rank of Novice.

2. After a certain amount of KM, the driver's rank will change up to Veteran.

3. A driver who wants to participate in inter-company/international convoys must pass a Driving License.

4.  The driver has no KM limit to complete within a Week/Month, only his activity in ETS2/ATS games and on the discord server counts.

5. There is no speed limit on normal cargo routes, except for convoys.

6. In the game, you need to set the company painting that is given on the channel - ͟͞🎨・company-painting.

7. In-game Player Tag (A&D Logistic) must be set to the color setting (R255 G184 B0).

8. Determining whether the routes in the company will be covered in the system, Real (up to 100km/h) or Race (up to 180km/h).

Drivers do not have access to company mods until they have traveled 50,000 km.

9. The company is able to offer:

    - Lists.

    - Exams.

    - Assign Sets.

10. Any driver interested in one of these options must inform the board of choosing one of these solutions.

§4.1 Schedules

1. Schedules are routes created by the Forwarder and consist of:

    - Passing the route from point A to point B, which have been selected by the freight forwarder.

2. Currently, the schedule system works in the system:

    - Weekly: The driver gets a route for 1 week.

    - Monthly: The driver gets a route for 1 month.

3. Each schedule starts at the Company Database.

4. Each list ends with the Company Database.

5. In order to make schedules, the driver is obliged to obtain a program such as Trucky Overlay, Virtual forwarder, etc.

§6 Holidays

1. Leave requests must be made on the channel - ͟͞🛌・leaves.

2. An application for leave may be submitted by any employee of the company after the end of the Trial Period.

3. An application for leave may be submitted at any time, including when it is to last and for what reason. ■ The decision to accept the application is taken by the management of the company.

4. Being on leave releases a person from the obligation to be active.

§7 Warnings

1. It is allowed to have two warnings.

2. Receipt of a subsequent strike will result in a personal interview with company management or dismissal.

3. Warnings are issued based on:

    - Attendance at meetings.

    - Performing driver duties.

    - Fraud.

    - Board meddling.

    - Other situations that will be inappropriate in the opinion of management.

&8 Convoys

1. It is required to appear on every company convoy.

2. Each driver must pass a driving license to participate in intercompany/international convoys.

    - Board members may take a person without a driving license to the convoy at their own risk.

3. The person taking part in the escort is obliged to:

   - Appearing in a truck and semi-trailer selected by the board (if selected) (failing to comply with this may result in removal from the convoy).

   - Truck must be fueled up to full.

   - The complete Set (Truck + Trailer) must be fully repaired.

   - Should have a convoy route set.

4. Keep a minimum distance of 100 meters behind the vehicle in front.

5. We arrive on convoys during assembly hours, maximum 15 minutes before the departure of the convoy.

6. During the company convoy we do not exceed 100 km/h.

   - Expressways 90 km/h.

   - Other roads 70 km/h.

   - City 50 km/h. 

7. In the case of an intercompany convoy, we adapt to the rules prevailing on it. ■ Possible gates on the route, we pass the "zipper" method.

8.  We do not overtake other convoy participants without the prior consent of the person leading the convoy.

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